Elsa Ers

Elsa Ers (born 1982, Istanbul), graduated from Parsons School of Design Paris in 2005 and completed a master’s degree in Sorbonne University, French Language and Civilization department in 2007. She is represented by PG Art Gallery. She continues her studies and life in Tel Aviv.

The most distinct part about her prints and patterns is the surface applications that represent the sense of belonging to cultural identity and home. She first finds anonymous photos from secondhand book-stores and works on the found photos on a digital platform, then applies it on the canvas in a photorealistic technique. She creates a unique visual language in her works by using borrowed items from her cultural heritage to show the meaning of being a person and a woman in Middle East.

Furthermore, she portrays animals she describe as being internally perfect, in very far away locations than their original homes, to show the corrupt relationship between human and nature.