Seda Gazioğlu

Seda Gazioğlu (born 1991, Istanbul) started her fine arts education at New York Parsons and continued at Central Saint Martins in London. Opening her solo exhibition “Biz Ben Değiliz” in 2015, Gazioğlu participated in many group exhibitions. Also her works are exhibited in Contemporary Istanbul, Art Thessaloniki ve Art Market Budapest. Represented by PG Art Gallery, she continues her studies and life in Istanbul.

Gazioğlu, who adopts a symbolic narrative language, creates her works after an intensive preparation. Reducing complex subject sequences to a single symbol, Gazioğlu interprets the effects of today's world system on human psychology and daily life. She focuses on the effects of cultural, social, economic and other external factors has on human psychology. By combining different techniques with unconventional materials, she questions the clash of opposite worlds.