As one of the leading art venues in Istanbul, hosting contemporary artists from different fields for 25 years, the gallery felt it was time to go beyond the strict boundaries of the white walls and open up a space where art can breath more easily.

Therefore, it became an experiment that could renew the view on art; How would art works look in a collector’s house? Is it possible to present art and design together? If the art works could stand all together, instead of being crammed into catalogs or isolated one by one in exhibitions, how would it look? Is it possible to design an exhibition where the theme can be constantly recreated?

With these questions in mind, the gallery moved its traditional venue to an open exhibition space in Maslak industrial area in the north of Istanbul.

Pop-Up Gallery is like “ a window that opened suddenly”, it emerged at once.

It is like a playground in which different types and techniques of art and design can come together. But instead of becoming a curatorial space, it is a unique space in which people can spend time, chat, meet and visit the nearby artist studios and have lunch at Sanayi 313.

In this respect, Pop-Up is also a trial process which is constantly open to change, challenging the way we see art and design. Pop-Up, where you can see works of young artists and the works that form the basis of the gallery, leaves an open door for every new possibility and experience.