Ayla Turan

Ayla Turan (born 1973, Hamburg), graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Faculty sculpture department in 1996. Turan, who stands out with her metal and marble sculptures exhibited in public places around Turkey and abroad, is represented by PG Art Gallery where she   opened her fourth solo exhibition in 2020. Lately, she has been heavily using polyester in her works. She continues her studies and life in Istanbul.

Turan uses objects or figures from everyday life with a childish approach to encourage the viewers to think deeper about society’s problems.  Even though her sculptures don’t move, her works are mostly fun and dynamic, always showcasing a movement or a gesture.

In her recent sculptures, Turan focuses on children and their world. She questions the sociological, theological, psychological and cultural contexts of a child’s world in her works with a minimalistic approach. She captures the colorful life of the children with the way she forms her sculptures, and represents the innocence with the clear white paint she uses to cover the sculptures.

Her works could be find in Germany, France, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Dubai, China, Syria, Hungary, Latvia, South Korea, India, Sweden and Mexico in public places.