Emre Namyeter

Emre Namyeter (born 1984, Istanbul), began his education in Salzburg Fine Arts Academy in 2010 and continued his studies in San Francisco Fine Arts Academy, Sculpture department in 2012. He has been represented by PG Art Gallery since 2018 and continues his education in Montreal Concordia University. He continues his studies and life both in Istanbul and Montreal.

Namyeter uses the paint he creates on his own to make multiple layered abstract sculptures. Repetitive linear movement and the harmony between the colors are the most outstanding feature in his works. Even though his patterns look as if they are randomly made at first glance, they are created after a very controlled process. He creates his compositions with the help of the setup he prepared to keep everything orderly and clean. Instead of using real objects, Namyeter prefers to work with circular forms that spread around the surface created by vibrations.