Hasan Pehlevan

Hasan Pehlevan, (b.1986, Silvan) graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty at Marmara University in 2010, and from the Institute of Social Sciences at Yeditepe University in 2018.

The artist, who believes in the power of form in his works, wrote his thesis on the concepts of perception and illusion. Pehlevan restores before and after forms of historical importance. He also performs anonymous interventions on indoor and outdoor murals, as well as public spaces. In his works, Pehlevan focuses on the destruction of identity and historical and cultural structures. By studying and researching the impacts of destruction on cities, people and history, Pehlevan finds that new cultural codes are being formed along the process and is concerned about whether a cultural heritage is possible for the future. We witness the change of cities that have been demolished by construction and urbanization. This demolition affects not only the transformation of builduings, but also areas such as ecology, sociology and anthropology. Pehlevan recently examined the destruction of historic cities throughout Turkey, witnessing the fact that the construction and demolition of the unprotected structures has progressed very quickly, emptying their memory, which reflected in the artist’s work.