Hasan Pehlevan

Hasan Pehlevan (b. 1986, Silvan) graduated from the Painting Department of Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2010. He completed his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at Yeditepe University, Social Sciences Institute in 2018. Pehlevan is represented by Pg Art Gallery,  currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. 

 The artist, who wrote his Master’s thesis on perception and illusion, reflects in his works how forms and lines can be shaped from our perspective. Directing the viewer’s perception of two and three dimensions with the color transitions he uses in his paintings, Pehlevan restores pre/post historical forms. The artist also creates murals with anonymous interventions indoors and in public spaces.  

 Pehlevan’s work focuses on belonging, identity and the destruction of historical structures. While researching the historical, ecological, sociological and anthropological effects of the destruction of the cities, Pehlevan determined that new cultural codes have been formed along. Witnessing the memory loss due to the unprotection and destruction of historical structures, the artist reflects his worries on whether it is possible to leave a cultural legacy to the future under these conditions.