Ronit Baranga

All Things Sweet and Painful

27 July - 26 August

Pg Art Gallery is pleased to host Ronit Baranga's solo exhibition, titled "All Things Sweet and Painful "

Ronit Baranga’s life-like sculptures take a twisted turn into the world of food and more specifically, sweets and desserts. 

But the treats have their own mouths, awaiting their chance to bite.  Who eats whom?

The table is a microcosm, inhabited with irresistible temptations.  The tea set is a metaphor, each part of it fulfills its role, in this small society of fragile beings. 

In a deeper psychological level Baranga addresses the complex relationship we have with luxuries, especially with foods. 

The mixed emotions of need and the insatiable hunger for more – more sugar, more attention, more love.  Constantly pushing the boundaries of rational consumption, craving for the sugar rush, forever tempted to exaggerate.  

The desserts are sculpted and painted realistically while tempting a sinful indulgence.   A soft mouth drowned in rich cream, fulfilling a fantasy yet helpless and lost, crying for attention.   Shiny red jelly covers the “strawberry pie” in which the fruit became lustful open mouths.   Seducing and threatening, they cause a feeling of unease.  They serve as a reminder for the human tendency to self-punish in case of any devotion to pleasure.