Derya Geylani Vuruşan

As i Wait for Spring, I hid my feelings in the clouds

1 April - 6 May 2023


Pg Art Gallery is pleased to host the artist Derya Geylani Vuruşan’s first solo exhibition titled “As i Wait for Spring, I hid my feelings in the clouds ” between the dates of 1 April - 06 May 2023.

The flow of all beings from the micro world to the macro world within the same system; the duration between birth and death, the sunrise and sunset between day and night and the order of seasons from summer to winter are always circular. Every moment evokes a different feeling in this cycle. Whilst gloom is an emotion that connotes night, sunset and death, joy represents life, birth and light. Hope is the emotion maintaining the continuity of the cycle within these feelings.

Each piece represents my feelings in my solo exhibition titled ‘As I wait for spring, I hid my feelings in the clouds’. As my feelings are not saturated and they are small and light like raindrops waiting to fall to the earth, they wander quietly in the clouds of the sky. Water droplets meet with soil just in time, neither late nor early, when they merge to form bigger drops and become heavy. With this meeting, the trees burst into buds and roots begin to sprout. Feelings start being unveiled and impatient enthusiasm is expressed. The universe revitalizes, the colors flow into each other. And we celebrate the arrival of spring...