Cansu Sönmez


October 24 - November 18

Pg Art Gallery is pleased to host Cansu Sönmez solo exhibition, titled "Cynara" October 24th to November 18th, 2023

"I am an artist who breaths by escaping to the utopian world of my imagination from the depths of despairing waters. I share with the viewer the ethereal realms born within my mind. The canvas of worldly experiences illustrates the inherent juxtaposition of utopia and dystopia, two extremes poised to metamorphose into each other..."

In the mesmerizing exhibition "Cynara," Sönmez ingeniously reconstructs the elusive connection with her childhood neighborhood, this time through the prism of the artichoke plant that grows in her local area. With a nod to the past, her vision takes the form of a bridge leading toward an aspired utopia. Within this utopian exhibition, the enigmatic artichoke plant, serendipitously discovered through the artist's curiosity for the locale, takes center stage. Drawing from this inspiration, a microcosmic realm opens, demonstrating how a world without humanity might have a harmony of its own with just plants.

The exhibition space, a tapestry that weaves together history and artistry, beckons the viewer into an immersive journey. The lower level unfolds the artist's utopian dreamscape, inviting you to traverse a narrative bridging the void between the past and the enigmatic future. Upstairs, the exhibition pays homage to Bayrampaşa and the artichoke, offering historical and artist's insights, which have collectively breathed life into this captivating endeavor.