Ayşe Gül Süter


December 20, 2017 - January 19, 2018

Pg Art Gallery is pleased to host the third solo exhibition of Ayşe Gül Süter entitled Diffusion between December 20, 2017 and January 19, 2018.

The protagonist or the essential subject of Diffusion is light as such, which guides the artist throughout the whole production process.

In chemistry, diffusion refers to the random dispersement of chemical materials from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. By way of diffusion, the area of low concentration is overtaken by molecules from that of the high concentration area. Subsequently, the two become unified in an endless process of mutual alteration as happens when ink is mixed with water or scent of a perfume promulgating throughout the room.

But how can this process playing out on a micro-level which is invisible, inaudible, and moreover imperceptible to us- be revealed on a macro level? Diffusion does not seek to explain to the audience how but rather what it is that makes them feel it.

No matter whether it is a human being a plant or an animal, most living things move towards the light. The light always heralds an awakening, a new day, a motion and a movement. The plants supposed to be motionless still have one kind of motion, which leans towards light. It is precisely here that light appears as the intersection point of micro and macro worlds.

Using the lenses of a microscope to show how light is slowed down and refracted; the artist introduces us to the micro-world in all its diversity. We witness not only the coming together of the micro and macro-worlds but the interplay of these through the imposition of light. Rendering the borders between the two obsolete. Our mind under siege from the micro-world does not resist it any more, instead it tends to unify with it.


Born in 1982 in İstanbul, Ayşe Gül Süter received her education on animation and digital arts at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She is the recipient of 2016 Turkish Cultural Foundation Cultural Exchange Fellowship. She attended various artist-in-residency programs internationally. On a project basis, she collaborates with scientists at Marine Biological Lab (MBL) in MA, USA using various techniques and equipment where she then adopts these into her own art. She exhibited her works in many galleries, art fairs. She continues to work on her projects related to animation, light installations, kinetic sculptures and bio-art