October 31 - November 30, 2018

‘I’ Captivity

31 Ekim - 30 Kasım, 2018

You are imprisoned by the fears you glorify.
Your past commands your future, and the humanoid scarecrows that you create to protect yourself, commands your soul.
The present moment – the only way to absolute peace – slips away from your fingertips.
You are the only barrier standing in front of ‘you’.
Reveal your fears and destroy them, because your freedom starts where your feardom ends.”

Pg Art Gallery is proud to present Seda Gazioğlu’s exhibition “I Captivity”, the artist’s second solo show and her first presentation at the gallery, from October 31st through November 30th, 2018.

In her work Seda Gazioğlu often uses two contrasting mediums to investigate the intersection of two contrasting worlds, such as the spiritual versus the physical, conscious versus unconscious, or more specifically the left versus the right cerebral hemispheres of the brain. Research on psychology and neuroscience has lead Gazioğlu to produce works exploring the contrasts and communication between the two different lobes of the human brain, the construction and deconstruction of the ego, and how social systems, background and upbringing can predestine how our brains function in our day-to-day lives.

She works across a range of different mediums, including large-scale sculpture with metal welding, painting, ink drawing, and video. She weaves vintage rugs, which she uses as canvases, with brass and copper wires or she glamorizes rugs using acrylic paints like embroidery. In her latest works she often uses antique mirrors as a metaphor for confronting fears. Through this glazed glass, the artist makes us think what is hidden beyond the visible and she invites the viewer to confront with their fears through their own reflection.


Seda Gazioğlu (1991. Istanbul, TR), studied Fine Arts at Parsons University in New York, and Central Saint Martins in London. Since 2014, the artist had one solo show and additionally has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Gazioğlu lives and works in Istanbul.