Mehmet Sinan Kuran

Introvert: A Magical Forest

December 8 - January 4 , 2019

Introvert: Could be simply defined as an individual who receives energy from oneself rather than being self-enclosed.

The collective structure of the exhibition, which is based upon this definition and which was conceived by approximately fifteen people in almost a year, constitute the most crucial part of it. Thanks to the highlighted notion of collectivism, the exhibition refers to the togetherness of chaos and a colourful and transitive world of images by focusing on the process rather than the result and adopting a multidisciplinary approach.

Mehmet Sinan Kuran emphasizes the interdisciplinary practices and producing collectively in this exhibition combining the autobiographical elements with the mundane. The balance between the plastic and aesthetic values and the process are the important elements of the works referring to the moments from the artist's own life. Inspired by the daily images in his memory, Kuran depicts the holism of the colourful, vivid and vital images associated with various visuals.

The exhibition referring to the term “introvert” by means of the irony and oppositions, is in contradiction with the concept of introvert thanks to its formal aesthetic and production process. The artist collaborated with professional artists and craftsmen from different disciplines and considered both formal and plastic values in the production process spanning a year. The exhibition features multidisciplinary practices includes ceramic works, wooden sculptures, stitch works, oil paintings, drawings, notebooks, readymades and a satirical large scale lobster sculpture. The exhibition, which is both dynamic and surprising in the conceptual sense, is presented with an ironical extrovert attitude instead of an introvert structure.

Drawings of Mehmet Sinan Kuran, which depict the synthesis of the changing world and global people trying to keep it up with it, develop a collective characteristic as opposed to the uniqueness of the world; they reproduce and become diversified. The artists who produced discussed, and worked together, analyze the exhibition in an interdisciplinary platform. Strong and clean oil paintings by Recep Serbest, which look like as if they were animated and began to talk, and his touch felt in each work in the exhibition; the flashy and large scale lobster sculpture by Burak Ayazoğlu, which look like as if it was real; wooden hand sculptures by Uğur Savaş, having the three dimensional plastic aesthetic; three dimensional digital modelings and “Pray, Chewing gum Fohn and Dali” sculptures by Özgür Bayındır; a barrage of images by Cansu Sakız where she combined ceramic crafting, which is one of the key disciplines in traditional Turkish Art, with a contemporary structure reflecting the artist’s mind; the embroidery by Tuba Geçgel combining the thread, needle and the fabric with her own aesthetic perspective, on which she spent a long time working; the aesthetic images by Ömer Faruk Yaman displaying a minimal dance between the pastel and transparent layers of the watercolour; all the visual aphorisms in the work, which is under the effect of a magical forest; figures made out of fabric and thread by Titi, which were treated tenderly; a strong image world overflowing the impressive ceramic plate by Bizon Studio; the leafed and dazzling fohn and chewing gum sculptures made of porcelain, which are the physical indicators of the minimal and fragile structure of the exhibition; that fact that Sinem Sayar helped everyone on everything with a collective spirit; the contributions of Recep Serbest and Burak Ayazoğlu to the social media account with amusing contents; posters by Gökay Barış, where he reveals the main and technic materials of the exhibition and the vectoral drawings of figures constitute a powerful collective structure.

Introvert, leaning on producing collectively and the power of working, is a synergic and magical exhibition, for which the artists worked both individually and collectively by experimenting with their memories. As opposed to the pessimistic chaos and crises of today, the artists produce multidisciplinary and holistic works in an optimistic manner that the world of imagination brings.

The exhibition titled Introvert gains whole new characteristics, which were reinterpreted by multidisciplinary aesthetical approaches thanks to the figures emerge from Mehmet Sinan Kuran’s magical world, and the intellectual and artistic contributions of several artists. The images emerge from Kuran’s memory change their forms over time and are presented as a multilayered interpretation featuring surreal symbols. The exhibition bringing many artists together, reveals the homogenous holism of images by combining multilayered and heterogenous perspectives. Introvert transforms into an eclectic, aesthetic, theatrical and flashing feast where one could discover artists with authentic styles and their works!