Günnur Özsoy

Memories and Letters

April 4 - May 15, 2018

Pg Art Gallery presents Günnur Özsoy’s solo exhibition entitled “Memories and Letters” between 4 April and 15 May 2018.

The exhibition includes Özsoy’s most recent installation works. The spectacular series of abstract metal sculptures is accompanied by a selection of her scriptural and typographic works. With their geometrical shapes in natural colors of the materials they are carved from, these metal sculptures are very powerful in their minimal aesthetics. Crinkled like a sheet of paper, they form together a delicate bridge linking to the other works in the exhibition.

As a continuation of her recent interest in letter as a private means of communication, Özsoy reserves a part of the exhibition to the letters she received from her relatives or friends. When she discovered dozens of letters that the philosopher İlham Dilman wrote to his family in Turkey while he was living in UK, it incited her to reflect on the power of words and letters that convey them. Producing letter stamps of her printings in “Costa Mea” series, she wrote to her friends to suggest them to exchange letters. The pamphlet to be published on the occasion of “Memories and Letters” will include an extensive conservation between Özsoy and the art historian Marcus Graf on the artist’s recent works as well as on art and its manifold nature.

Günnur Özsoy was born in Ankara in 1969. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Marmara University Industrial Design Department, she studied at Harrow College of the Polytechnic of Central London (Westminster University in the present). Her sculptures have been exhibited at Pg Art Gallery since 1990s. In addition to her solo exhibitions at Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery in Ankara, she has taken part in many group exhibitions. She has introduced her works to viewers not only at international and national fairs but also at public spaces.