Merve Kasrat

Not Alike

12 May - 17 June

Pg Art Gallery is pleased to host Merve Kasrat's first solo exhibition, titled "Not Alike" between 12 May - 17 June 2023.

The collection “Not Alike”is about the the others by the society; who are far from ideal form and appearance, it deals with stereotypes and categories placed in our brains. In societies, some human differences are valued and desired, while others are devalued or stigmatized. Merve Kasrat emphasizes the dilemma of these differences with her exhibition " Not Alike". The sculptures and wall panels in the exhibition question our prejudices, based on phrenology, which was once accepted as a science. Phrenology is a pseudoscience that involves measuring bumps in the human skull to predict personality traits. The bumps and lines that we encounter in Kasrat's works, on the other hand, stand out with their glossy surfaces, aiming to allow our imagination to think about what the subjects discussed categorically might be. Each of Kasrat's productions can continue to coexist as a group with their original form and texture. In this direction, the artist aims to have people read their own narratives through these productions. While the bumps formed by our prejudices lead individuals to an endless quest for perfection; “Not Alike” creates an atmosphere in which no one, no form is excluded, being one with their differences, gaining a meaning together. Our difference and formlessness is our uniqueness.