Sevim Kaya

Perceptions Unvelied

September 13 - October 14

Pg Art Gallery is delighted to host Sevim Kaya's solo exhibition 'Perceptions Unvelied' from September 13th to October 14th, 2023.

Kaya's creations are about bearing witness to the roots that, by the nature of their compositions, leak life from all the cracks they find and, so to speak, carry it everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, life thrives not through strenuous effort but within a soft and steady emergence. The roots that inspire the artist's works are both unpredictably mischievous, appearing suddenly, and wise enough to emerge from a long anticipation. Seeds, wander in nature as miracles that recreate life.

 From Kaya's perspective, even if we may not have the opportunity to observe plants' behaviors directly,  something is constantly stirring with all its grace and determination, making a place for itself day by day. With this understanding, the artist aims to slow down the viewer's gaze until they can see with their own eyes and appreciate the grandeur of small things from this perspective.