Betina Hobeş


June 29 - July 17, 2019

Betina Hobeş’s first interactive project exhibition “Playful” meets audience between 29 June and 17 July 2019 at Pg Basement.

Betina Hobeş tells that the most interesting action for her in this project is the encounter of the individual - who decides to participate in the work - with the organic, flexible, soft, changeable and fluid shapes which they have just taken out from a jar which is a familiar form with solid boundaries, and later their squeezing these parts back in the jar, if they so desire. This rhythm to be created by the participants is considered as a play-like version of the cycles of liberation/being squeezed in, expansion/contraction, opening up/closing in which continue to persist in the life of the artist.

The participants are free to touch and play with these toy-like fiber pieces. These pieces found in the jars may be squeezed in the jars once again or may be left out in the open as the participant desires. In this way, project space transforms into a living and breathing space in a constant state of change, in contrast to the familiar exhibition venues.


Betina Hobeş (b. 1989): Currently living and working in Istanbul, the artist has graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Sculpture in 2016. In her works, she departs from the connection of movement with liberation and investigates the concept of movement over material and body with a figurative approach.