Kemal Tufan

Time Ocean/Thy Motion

4 Mart - 5 Nisan, 2017

Pg Art Gallery is proud to present ‘Time Ocean/Thy Motion’ exhibition featuring Kemal Tufan’s latest works between March 4th and April 5th, 2017. Tufan builds his sculptures upon the philosophical aspect of “time-space-revolution” notions, once more using different materials and techniques.

“Time”, what ancient Greeks called “khronos” and Latins “tempus”, is defined as the infinite duration where all that exists is enchained by replacing each other. For theory of relativity, however, it differs with respect to the one in motion and the observer. Tufan reinterprets the concept of “time” with its sociological dimension through occasionally implementing video to his kinetic, moving metal sculptures.

Combining his engineering background with aesthetics, Tufan pursues to constitute a new space of freedom for himself rather than creating a discrete impact on the audience.