Börte İpek

We Live Among Monsters

February 22 - March 13, 2020

Börte Ipek's first solo project exhibition “We Live Among Monsters” will meet the audience at PG Basement between the dates of 22 February and 13 March. The exhibition “We Live Among Monsters” which carries 9 works from their series with the same name, questions the impressive link between fairytales and real life.

... The wolf went straight to grandma’s house. Without a word it went straight to grandma’s bed and swallowed the poor woman. It then put on her clothes and her headscarf, lay down on grandma’s bed and pulled the curtain.

Unaware of what happened, little red riding hood gathered more flowers than she could carry. Just then she remembered her grandma and set off immediately to go to her. She was surprised to find the front door open and felt and oddness when she entered. “What is happening to me? Why the sudden fear? I always love to come here” she muttered to herself. And she called out “Good morning” but didn’t receive an answer. Entering her grandma’s room, red riding hood saw her grandma lying in bed with her headscarf pulled over her face, but there was something odd about the whole thing.

"Oh grandmother, what big ears you have!"
"All the better to hear you with."
''Oh grandmother, what big eyes you have!"
"All the better to see you with."
"Oh grandmother, what terribly big hands you have?"
"All the better to grab you with!"
“But grandmother, what big mouth you have!"
"All the better to eat you with!"

And the wolf, as soon as it uttered those words, swallowed the poor gşrl too. With its belly mighty full, it lay down on the bed, fell asleep and started snoring.

- Grimm Brothers

Throughout our lifetime we have encounters with the concept of good and bad, concepts we met through fairytales and stories in our childhood, and later in life, got to know through experience. We know too well the meaning they carry and most of the time we don’t want to be bad, but we also can’t handle the responsibility and burden of being good. When it comes to ourselves, we find excuses to not be bad. Sometimes we feel the justification to be bad for now, to bad with the bad, or we pretend to be good and become completely bad. This way, we experience the lightness of being good without taking any responsibility, without having to hear the voice of conscience. We become stuck, change and adapt between these two concepts, namely good and bad, that we have been told about since we came to life and which have been present in every aspect of our lives. We live with wolves disguised as sheep.


Börte Ipek, was born in 1992 in Trabzon. Having completed their university education at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University at the Department of Painting, the artist continues their life and studies in Istanbul.