Cansu Sönmez

Cansu Sonmez (born 1991, Istanbul), graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts department in 2013. She continues to study for her masters degree in Mimar Sinan University, Principal Art and Design faculty. She has been represented by PG Art Gallery since 2020. She continues her studies and life in Istanbul.

Sonmez, who has been focusing on the concept of dystopia for a while, has been explicating a dystopian world created with concrete. She aims to show the relationship between mankind, city and nature by using a variety of art forms, from street art to kinetic art.

In her ‘Etki-Tepki’ series, she creates a confrontation area in the middle of the city by burying heads without a body in the streets. In the contemporary world, everyone live in their own prison and the streets take a stand against it. The head represents both the lonely person and the person who wants to gain power and control.

With the works she makes by using legos, Sonmez shows the dystopian situation the unplanned urbanization creates in our country.