Devran Mursaloğlu

Devran Mursaloğlu (born 1961, Istanbul), completed her architecture and engineering education in Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles in Brussels and returned back to Istanbul to attend Devabil Kara’s art studio in Marmara University. Mursaloğlu, who works and lives in Istanbul, has been represented by PG Art Gallery since 2011. Her works that she made with the use of paper have been exhibited in Mardin Biennial (2010), Tahtakale Baths in Istanbul (2011), Alsancak Station in Izmir (2009) and many more places in Turkey. She has become the most important paper artist in Turkey, and gained her fame through her use of paper in her works.

In her works , the forms and shapes evolve from only one material and when subjected to spatial change, the weight increases. She reflects the complexity and chaos in Turkey by trying to explore the visual and spatial metaphors, imagining the public spaces with basic lines, points and surfaces.