Yonca Karakaş

Botanic Hospital

February 16 - March 15, 2019

Pg Art Gallery is proud to present Yonca Karakaş’ second solo exhibition “Botanic Hospital” which is focusing on memory between 16 February and 15 March 2019.

The characters, working in a Botanic Hospital consisting of a simulation, may in time go into an irregular condition with lame images belonging to the memory in this area they use as a host.

Nothing proceeds properly in the images available, created by the data which artificial intelligence and memory receive from each other. It is in question that simulation area visualizes itself with these errors through the references taken from realism. Because memory never follows a linear path while it reaches memories. On the contrary, it is nourished with the past, future and present all at the same time. Even though the word “memory” is indicated as specific memories belonging to the past, it continuously depicts and imagines future.

Whereever we are, the first thing we will do is to utilize our memory against any situation according to Karakaş. Man is memory and nothing else!

The existing figures, in the series in which archaic structure helps memory, does not extend beyond being an epigon of the present reality in the simulation area. Because epigon needs memory! The memory of the gene...

Our reason for being, in a weird way, is built upon searching for meaning, although the only thing necessary for life to come into existence is molecules exposure to selection and mutation. What if it doesn’t have any making? What if we are being carried from today to tomorrow like a bacteria or a species?


Yonca Karakaş (b. 1982, Diyarbakır) studied photography and video art at Yıldız Technical University in İstanbul. Karakaş exhibited her artworks in art fairs, several group shows in İstanbul and New York. She lives and works in İstanbul, Turkey.