Contemporary Istanbul

December 20 - 24, 2006

Pg Art Gallery Meets Art Enthusiasts at the Contemporary Art Fair

This year, Pg Art Gallery is participating with five artists in the international art gathering, which will be organized for the fifth time under the name "Contemporary Art Fair" at the Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center. The artists whose works will be featured are Alp Tamer Ulukılıç, Mahir Güven, Kemal Tufan, Özgür Korkmazgil, and Ali Kabaş, bringing together painting, sculpture, and photography.

Despite their technically diverse works, these five artists converge at a common point, moving with the same contemporary mindset.

Alp Tamer Ulukılıç's paintings emerge as an expression of a plastic 'language' formation process, nourished by his own memory, imagination, and mythology, where color, paint, and composition serve only the feeling of 'purification.'

Using the light of color, Özgür Korkmazgil questions the concept of holiday and entertainment for today's people with the colors of today. He reflects his observations on the effects of holidays on people through the colors and stains he makes us feel.

Mahir Güven's series at the fair focuses on male-female relationships...

The artist addresses the compulsion that women and men feel towards each other despite different perspectives and contradictions that social differences can bring. It portrays their obligation to each other, and at the same time, living their own realities when alone. Bodies intertwined on one side, only faces related to themselves on the other... Güven reflects his indispensable with these ironic works using light colors and indistinct forms.

In addition to his sculpture works, Kemal Tufan, who also engages in video, performance, and installation works, pulls us into the depths of the imaginary and intellectual world of humanity with his works using a variety of materials together...

Ali Kabaş, aiming to remind us that we can look at the world we see and perceive from different perspectives, reveals how our perception world can change if we move even slightly from where we are. Using the lenticular printing technique with the intention of giving movement to the object, his works demonstrate how our perception world can change as we move slightly. The artist starts with the idea of not losing the movement while transitioning from one visual to another in the same photograph.

You can visit the diverse works of these five artists at Pg Art Gallery's booth from December 20 to 24.