Contemporary Istanbul

November 28 - December 2, 2007

Pg Art Gallery Meets Art Enthusiasts at Contemporary Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair

This year, Pg Art Gallery is participating with five artists at the Contemporary Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair, which resonated widely in Turkey and around the world as one of the most successful international events held in Istanbul last year. Ayşe Wilson, Kemal Tufan, Mustafa Horasan, Özgür Korkmazgil, and Sıtkı Kösemen come together in the fields of painting, sculpture, and photography.

Painter Ayşe Wilson, who worked as an assistant to the renowned contemporary artist Jeff Koons, reflects in her works the idea that everything can be overcome as long as one does not lose the positive aspect against all the difficulties and deficiencies that life brings.

Kemal Tufan, who extends his work beyond sculptures using various materials to include installations, performances, and videos, builds his works on the fundamental concept of "opposites and contradictions." The ironic attitude present in the artist's previous exhibitions also appears in his new works, using different materials and techniques.

Painter Mustafa Horasan, who perceives artistic production as individual liberation, revives and constructs the traces left by life in his works according to the subconscious changes. Contradictions in life, the concept of time, and human transformation emerge as the fundamental concepts of the artist's works.

Painter Özgür Korkmazgil, who acts with the effort to create the iconography of today, offers new propositions by going beyond showing the existing. He presents the small details of life, revealing the colors and stains that they make us feel in our inner world. Criticizing the system that seizes and colonizes the small details that beautify our lives and, in doing so, refers to the person who loses their memory and identity.

In the works of Sıtkı Kösemen, who captures the times he lived in, the people he was with or saw, and the environments he was in through his photographs, the focus of interest is on people and the situations they find themselves in.

You can visit the works of these five artists at Pg Art Gallery's booth from November 28 to December 2.