Contemporary Istanbul

October 15 - 19, 2008

Pg Art Gallery Meets Art Enthusiasts at Contemporary Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair

This year, Pg Art Gallery is participating with seven artists at the Contemporary Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair, which resonated widely in Turkey and around the world as one of the most successful international events held in Istanbul last year. Merih Akoğul, Jehsong Baak, Stanko Abadzic, Ayşe Wilson, Kemal Tufan, Günnur Özsoy, and Kerem Ozan Bayraktar come together in the fields of painting, sculpture, and photography.

Merih Akoğul aims to bridge between the ordinary moments in modern and post-modern, major and minor, East and West, painting and photography, presenting life to us from a different perspective.

Jehsong Baak, a prominent figure in contemporary photography, cites Robert Frank and Joseph Koudelka as his major artistic inspirations. He navigates through the uncertainty of places, boundaries, and time in his black-and-white photographs, where time and space become uncertain, and emotion takes the forefront.

Croatian-born artist Stanko Abadzic, who has devoted his life to photography, has traveled to many countries, reflecting the streets and people of these countries in his photographs. In his black-and-white photographs laden with traces of the past, the artist presents to the audience the inner world of individuals turning inward in today's world dominated by chaos and war.

Painter Ayşe Wilson, who worked as an assistant to the renowned contemporary artist Jeff Koons, reflects in her works the idea that everything can be overcome as long as one does not lose the positive aspect against all the difficulties and deficiencies that life brings.

Kemal Tufan, who extends his work beyond sculptures using various materials to include installations, performances, and videos, builds his works on the fundamental concept of "opposites and contradictions." The ironic attitude present in the artist's previous exhibitions also appears in his new works, using different materials and techniques.

Young artist Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, who intensively uses the image of women while addressing social and psychological issues, creates a significant connection between the artwork and the audience by making the cold and rigid emptiness of the virtual world felt, coupled with an inward emotional intensity.

You can visit the works of these seven artists at Pg Art Gallery's booth from October 15 to 19.