Melis Buyruk

What is Weird, Who is Strange?

April 27 - May 20, 2019

Pg Art Gallery is proud to present Melis Buyruk’s third solo exhibition titled “What is Weird and Who is Strange?” from April 27th to May 20th, 2019.

Melis Buyruk discusses in her artworks the fundamental concept of nature in its relation to mankind. She critically reviews the interconnection between humans and nature. By using porcelain in her current works, on the one hand, she refines the formal character of her pieces which shift between reality and surreality. At the same time, this choice of material underlines her cultural criticism. Clashing its ornamental character with references to plants and human body parts creates an alienation effect, which brings the spectator to rethink his own relationship with nature.

The representative character of the initially naturalistic looking-like pieces makes the spectator at first believe in what s/he sees. Only later, after Buyruk’s fascinating reality distortion gets uncovered, a brilliant alienation-effect occurs, in which the works reveal an appealing surreal dimension. Melis Buyruk’s works achieve the nearly impossible: Her pieces draw real attention and mesmerize the spectator by constantly giving him known and unknown insights in various possible and impossible reality constructions.

The alienation effect of her work is supported by her extraordinary exhibition methods. By presenting the compositions in thick frames or in glass balls on sophisticated shelfs, the artist gives her pieces an autonomous habitat, where they are singled out from the chaos of our world.


Melis Buyruk was born in 1984, Gölcük. Graduated from the Ceramics Department of Selçuk University Fine Arts Faculty in 2007. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Istanbul and Ankara. She opened her first solo exhibition in 2015 at the Pg Art Gallery. Her works are included at Koç Vakfı Collection and so many special collections.